PDR Coaches Certification Course in Manchester

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by Colin McNulty

July 2011 saw the second time Tony Blauer visited Crossfit 3D’s facility near the Trafford centre to host another certification for new PDR Coaches. Martial artists travelled from all over the UK and Europe to attend and get certified as PDR Coaches to be able to teach Tony’s unique material.

One of the cool things about being a returning Coach is not only the community aspect of meeting and teaching a whole bunch of individuals dedicated to making people safer, but we get to put on *advanced level* demo’s as shown below. Note that all the individuals in High Gear impact reduction suits are either experienced PDR Coaches or SPEAR System Instructors and whilst it looks chaotic and dangerous (just like a real fight!) every effort has been taken to make this demo as safe as possible. But it remains a full speed, full contact demo, hence the High Gear suits.

The scenario is: 2 bouncers approach a drunk who’s fallen asleep, when they try to move him he kicks off so they restrain him, then his 2 mates see what’s going on and pile in (I’m in the blue trainers), take a look:

This demo epitomises Personal Defence Readiness in many ways and it’s worth highlighting just a few of them:

  • Scenario based, which gives vital context to training.
  • Replication of a street fight, whilst being as safe as humanly possible.
  • Full speed and full contact (note this is NOT a beginner’s drill!). If you practice to miss or pull shots, that’s what you’ll do in a real fight.
  • Short and explosive: the whole 3 v 2 fight lasts just 14 seconds!
  • Pressure testing the SPEAR System principles under realistic conditions, very few systems have the integrity to do this.
  • Lastly and most importantly, wonderful people giving up their time and energy to make you a safer and your family safer everywhere you go.

Whilst you will never be expected to suit up and go at it at a Beginner’s PDR Seminar, you might be lucky enough to have a PDR Coach suit up and let you try out your new found skills on him. It’s not only a whole heap of fun, it’s liberating, confidence building and complete validation of the new skills you will have learnt.

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