Videos of PDR / SPEAR Self Defence Training Classes

Warning: some of the following videos contain swearing. Partly because this is what you’ll hear out on the street in a real world confrontation and partly because some of these videos are shot in America where it seems sensibilities are a little different to the UK.

Tony Blauer (the creator of PDR and the SPEAR System) teaching a PDR seminar in the US:

Five SPEAR Instructors / PDR Coaches demonstrating the SPEAR System at The Martial Arts Show at the Birmingham NEC. Note that much of this footage is of instructors in High Gear. These protective suits are for the coaches’ protection and as a beginner student you will not be expected to wear a protective suit like this, but your PDR Coaches might, so that they don’t get hurt when you’re hitting them!

Some footage from a PDR Seminar again by Tony. In it Tony answers the question: “Who’s easier to fight, a black belt, a wrestler or a boxer?”

Hicks Law explained, some of the scientific research that makes up the SPEAR System at a Police Officer’s course:

This is footage from a certification course for SPEAR System instructors. WARNING this video includes a clip of a real life murder, it’s by analysing real life attacks that we’re able to better prepare you for the confrontations you may face in the real world:

The following ATM (cash machine to us in the UK) video is one of Tony Blauer’s most famous, which is a perfect example of how PDR and the SPEAR System gives real world skills to avoid confrontation, by tapping into the psychology of the bad guy:

These videos do a good job of demonstrating how PDR seminars include a balance of physical, psychological and emotional components to fully equip you to handle actual encounters you may encounter whilst going about your daily life. PDR makes you safer wherever you go. If you’d like to quickly and simply improve your personal safety, both for yourself and your loved ones, take a look for our next course:

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