Should You Run From An Attacker?

7 June 2013

In the terrible story of a 14 year old boy being abducted and raped in Manchester’s Arndale Centre toilets, there is a learning point that we can take away from it: > the boy was told: “Come with us. Do what we say. If you try to run we’ll get you.” There are few hard […]

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For Jessica and April: Sorrow and Determination

23 October 2012

If you watch the news at all you can’t have failed to notice the heart wrenching story of April Jones, the 5 year old Welsh girl who went missing on 1st October and is presumed dead. In the same week, Jessica Ridgeway a 10 year old girl from the USA was abducted and killed and […]

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Evading A Predatory Encounter – Failing the Interview

14 March 2012

I’ve just read this excellent story by Kit, an American female cop who was off on sick leave (walking with a stick) who encountered a potential predator whilst out taking photos of a river. Not only did she get a photo of her would-be attacker (right), but gives a full narrative of “the interview”, the […]

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“I Was Followed!” a real life PDR Student’s Story

13 February 2012

This week Maxine, one of our recent PDR students, posted a message on Facebook that she’d been followed whilst walking around town with her daughter in a pram. That’s her on the right dealing with a reality based confrontation scenario. This was her Facebook message: “Some weirdo has just followed me around town. PLEASE can […]

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What If Prince Harry Won’t Come To YOUR Rescue?

18 December 2011

In the news today is the seemingly dramatic story of brave Prince Harry rushing to the aid of his friend who was robbed of his Blackberry. It would appear that the Prince was talking to his friend Thomas van Straubenzee on the phone whilst Thomas was walking through Battersea in London. Obviously Thomas was approached […]

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‘Rape Victims Should Take Taxis’ – Eamonn Holmes

28 October 2011

Hannah Cant was walking home from a night out in Chippenham, when she was dragged into a car and raped by soldier Jonathan Haynes (who was recently jailed for 11 years). Hannah had the presence of mind to spit on the car seat and pull out her own hair, in order to leave her DNA […]

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Men’s Fitness Magazine Review of the SPEAR System

21 October 2011

Early in 2011, Men’s Fitness magazine attended part of a Personal Defence Readiness Coaches Certification at CrossFit3D in Manchester.  The write up that appeared in a subsequent edition of the magazine can be read here by clicking the image below (it’s a .pdf file):  

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3 Fatal Stabbings of Burglars in 3 Months

26 September 2011

“An Englishman’s home is his castle.” That’s the phrase that everyone thinks about when the subject of what to do with burglars who break into an occupied house comes up. What most people think is that we should be able to defend ourselves, our loved ones and our home, as a feudal Lord did his […]

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Real Life Child Abduction

5 September 2011

11 year old Jaycee Dugard was abducted whilst walking to school by a couple who kept her for 18 years, during which she had 2 kids before being rescued. It’s a parents’ worst nightmare which we naturally don’t want to think about, but by studying this horrific case, we can learn how bad guys operate […]

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