Review of a 1 to 1 Session

8 February 2012
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We were very pleased here at PDRmanchester towers to get this review drop into our inbox from one of our Personal Training clients. Someone who’d travelled up from Birmingham no less for a full day’s one on one personal training with Colin McNulty. This is what he had to say about the day, warts and […]

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Men’s Fitness Magazine Review of the SPEAR System

21 October 2011
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Early in 2011, Men’s Fitness magazine attended part of a Personal Defence Readiness Coaches Certification at CrossFit3D in Manchester.  The write up that appeared in a subsequent edition of the magazine can be read here by clicking the image below (it’s a .pdf file):  

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Real Life Child Abduction

5 September 2011
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11 year old Jaycee Dugard was abducted whilst walking to school by a couple who kept her for 18 years, during which she had 2 kids before being rescued. It’s a parents’ worst nightmare which we naturally don’t want to think about, but by studying this horrific case, we can learn how bad guys operate […]

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