Women’s Only or Mixed Classes, which is better?

PDR Self Defence Seminar Woman Pondering Womens only classes

We believe in teaching reality based self defence. That means that the more real we can make your experience in the classroom, the better prepared you’ll be out in the big wide world should the unexpected happen. As a result we would encourage women to practice their skills against men, because the fact is that you’re more likely to be attacked by a male, so that’s what you need to practice.

Because we encourage students to participate in drills as both the Good Guy and the Bad Guy, it is to your advantage to attend a mixed class and get experience with a range of opponents, men and women alike. If you’re a woman thinking of coming on a self defence course, we’d strongly encourage to you to think about a mixed class.

“You’ll be surprised how much you can do, and how effective you can be without being very strong.”

However we accept that some women just won’t be comfortable with a mixed seminar, which is why you’ll also find women’s only self defence classes advertised regularly on this site, at which you will always get the chance to try out your new found skills against a male PDR Coach.