PDR Coaches in Manchester

Manchester is currently blessed with more PDR Coaches than any other city in the UK:

PDR Coach Colin McNulty and Tony Blauer

Tony Blauer and Colin McNulty

Colin McNulty and Dan Shaw

Husband and wife team Rachel Steadman and Karl Steadman

Chris Worrall

Chris Worrall at a strength and power competition

About Us

“The Manchester PDR team are exceptional coaches who bring a level of understanding of functional human movement and coaching principles that is rare and refreshing within the self defence community”. – Karl Stone

This is the bit on any martial arts or normal self defence website where you get the life history of the instructors: how they took up martial arts when they were 5 weeks old, have multiple black belts in multiple ancient and yet secret styles, and how they trained with Bruce Lee’s gardener’s cousin’s aunty Flo!

Whilst it’s an attempt to make you think that they must be awesome instructors, it sadly perpetuates the myth that learning to defend yourself will take years of regular training and belt grading. It won’t. It takes hours. Come to one of our seminars or courses and we’ll show you how. Simples.

Just to be clear here, the martial arts are a wonderful thing. If you are so inclined then going to a martial arts class twice a week, putting in your minimum 20 hours per belt + grading + competitions and working your way up to black belt after 3-5 years is a good thing (especially for the instructor’s bank balance!). We know many very capable martial artists, some of whom are genuinely good people and we have a huge amount of respect for them and the cool tricks they can do.

“Be careful what you practice, you may get really good at the wrong thing!” – Tony Blauer

But if you’re like most people, like us for example, we don’t have that amount of spare time and would like to get to the point where we feel confident and safe in hours, not years. Rather than listing all our achievements in a vain effort to prove we’re cool, go and read our testimonials and hear directly from the ordinary people for whom PDR has made a real and tangible difference to their lives.