Safety Warning

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The techniques, tools, tactics and concepts described in our seminars, courses, classes, videos, manuals and audios are to be used for legitimate purposes only, in appropriate self defence situations.

Do not depend on any seminar, course, class, video, audio or manual for your safety. Your safety depends upon you and your ability to avoid, defuse and/or control confrontations. Your safety depends on your judgement during all confrontations.

If you are a beginner, seek the guidance of an experienced trainer. If you are a trainer, make sure you and your students fully understand the legal and moral implications of practising and using self defence, protective or combative tactics in your country, state, province, city and so on.

This material is presented for educational purposes ONLY. VOLENTI NON FIT INJURIA. When you agree to learn, study or practice any martial art, combative or defensive tactics system, you are “consenting to participate”.

When you train in any martial art system, combative or defensive tactics system, there is ‘an assumption of risk’, especially those systems geared towards realistic street protection. Practice, train and use this information at your OWN RISK. Practice safely. Seek competent instruction. Seek competent counsel on use of force matters for your safety based on your lifestyle and/or occupation.

If you misinterpret a concept expressed in our seminars, courses, classes, manuals, videos or audios, you could be seriously injured or killed as a result of the misunderstanding. Therefore the information contained in our seminars, courses, classes, videos, manual and audios should be used as a supplement to competent personal instruction, diligent practice, personal evaluation and then balanced with the moral and legal application of any protective tactic.